When many people talk about emerging technology for manufacturing systems, they talk hype.  At INCP we talk results.  It's not always about what you know, but about knowing how to get your product to market faster, cleaner, and more efficiently.  At INCP we specialize in taking raw engineering data and finding the solutions to turn the idea into reality.   We will work hard to give you the edge on designing machine fixtures for CNC production, creating NC programs capable of doing the job right, translating CAM centerline data for use on specific machines, and verifying every cut before the test of real world machining.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

      * CNC Fixture Design and Programming - we are proficient in utilizing Dassault Systems CATIATM V5

            So, the part is designed, but is the process complete?  In order for engineering to become reality at the speed of today's demanding time schedules, a competent CAD/CAM system is a must.  At INCP we have an detailed understanding of how to create the fixturing and NC programs that will allow your concepts to take flight.  CATIA, from Dassault Systems,  gives us a platform that allows for total integration of part level design, assembly level comparison, and professional grade NC programming.  Utilizing CATIA, we have the ability to quickly take action on your manufacturing needs, making for a shorter time from initial design to quality first run production.


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Centerline Data Integration

      * Post Processor Design - utilizing Austin NC's Cimpro G-Post.

            Remember the "good old days" when post processors for centerline data were hard coded in Fortran?  When all you had to do to change the post for a new machine or different CAD/CAM system was completely rewrite the post from the ground up?  O.K., so maybe that wasn't so "good" after all.  Thankfully, for those of us entering the 21st century, there is a better way.  The CIMPro G-Post from Austin NC is the most flexible and powerful generalized post processor on the market.  It allows for integration of multiple machines and centerline data types into a concise and well organized posting solution.  From graphical Java interfaces for quickly setting up simple machines, to a back-end Factory Interface Language (FIL) for powerful control of data manipulation, the G-Post solution is a must for anyone interested in cross platform posting solutions.  At INCP we not only understand how to use the CIMPro G-Post, we actually took the time to go to Austin and learn the system directly from the programmers who created it.  In addition, we are an authorized G-Post reseller for anyone interested in adding this powerful tool to their manufacturing system. 

Intuitive Interface


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Powerful Control


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Advanced Verification

      * Checking of complex 3-Axis thru 5-Axis parts - utilizing CGTech VERICUT TM

            Some people say that time is money.  While this is true, it should be remembered that machine time is even more money.  And, let's face it, the cost of repairing machines and scrapping parts due to improper programming is even more money than that.  At INCP we consider proper verification so important as to give it it's own place on our site.  Please visit our verification page to see how me can help make TTO1 work for you.