Our goal at Independent NC Programming Inc. (INCP) is to generate a base of long-term clients through ultimate customer satisfaction. We will work directly with your company to offer cutting edge services that integrate seamlessly into your current manufacturing operations.

            Our mission is not to replace your current staff, but rather to allow for a more competitive manufacturing system through supporting them to meet their project goals.  INCP staff is available for on site meetings to gain an in-depth understanding of your processes and best practices. Through attention to your needs and strong working relationships, INCP will focus on becoming a trusted and capable part of your team.

What We Offer

        * CNC Fixture Design and Programming - utilizing Dassault Systems CATIATM V5
        * Post Processor Design - utilizing Austin NC's Cimpro G-Post.
        * Checking of complex 3-Axis thru 5-Axis parts - utilizing CGTech VERICUT TM
        * 3D modeling of legacy engineeering, including from hand drawn prints, into CATIA V5
      part and product structure.

Offsite Excellence

            Trusting intricate machine programming to an offsite team is never a decision to be taken lightly.  With an exceptional understanding of CGTech Vericut simulation software and direct experience in modern manufacturing environments, INCP is uniquely qualified to offer its services with maximum efficiency and accuracy. CGTech VERICUT in particular is used to provide:

        * Modeling of machines and machine tools into a fully functional 3D simulation
        * G-Code based simulations using the exact same machine code that will be used on the
     controller, allowing for extremely accurate protection against unwanted head rotations
     and machine crashes.
        * High tolerance simulations capable of accuracies better than +/- .003 in., allowing for
     powerful protection against undercuts and excess material.

            Programmers and Tool Designers at INCP offer backgrounds ranging from Composites to Exotic Metals. We have a combined total of over 6 years of shop floor and 45 years programming experience. By staying on the leading edge of software and hardware, while at the same time maintaining an understanding of real world approaches, our programming abilities are always a cut above standard.

Thank you for considering Independent NC Programming Inc. to help your company meet its long-term manufacturing goals.

Paul H. Welton II,

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